ATC165: Highlights from Sonic-Con 2021 with Industry Guests

Today we revisit Sonic-Con 2021 through audio recorded at the event by JD, Josh Rodriguez, and Dominic Treis. We've got clips from sever...

Today we revisit Sonic-Con 2021 through audio recorded at the event by JD, Josh Rodriguez, and Dominic Treis. We've got clips from several of the sessions from over the weekend and a handful of interviews JD and Josh conducted. We're joined by Kera O'Bryon, Daniel Cross, Frank Ulle, Rebekah Bradford, Evan David, and Nato Jacobson's parents. You'll have to listen in for the story behind the last one. Also in this episode, JD and Josh chat a bit about the top takeaways from the weekend and then professor Chris Nelson comes on the show to share an announcement about Sonic-Con 2022.

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Masterclass & Session Clips

  • John Fornof - The Secrets of Directing Audio Drama - 2:09
    • John's Podcast: StoryChat
    • Clip: Audition scorecard
    • Clip: Studio environment
    • Clip: Bring out the best
  • Katie Leigh & Kimmy Robertson - Voiceanalities - 9:11
    • Katie's Website
    • Clip: Penny comes to AIO
    • Clip: Creating a Voiceanality - vocal quality vs. delivery
  • Nato Jacobson - Dialogue: The Engine of Audio Theatre - 16:16
  • Nato Jacobson Keynote - 21:08
    • Clip: The power we wield as audio drama producers to influence people 
  • JD Sutter - Top Mistakes New Producers Make - 25:29
    • JD's Website
    • Clip: Scene pacing
    • Clip: Over reliance on narration


JD Interviews Actor Daniel Cross

JD Interviews Producer Evan David

Final Thoughts with Josh - 01:27:01

Josh's Website

Sonic-Con 2022 Announcement with Chris Nelson - 01:37:27

Sonic-Con Website
The Encounter Website

Photos from Sonic-Con 2021

Sonic-Con 2021 Photo Album

Thanks to these ADA members for photos - Alicia Hansen, Jonathan Cooke, Josh Rodriguez, and Michael LaFaver

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