Review of A Bit of Time Travel, a Sci-fi Anthology Audio Drama

How do you use a narrator in audio drama correctly? It sounds simple, but it’s actually very hard to do properly. Even major corporations su...

How do you use a narrator in audio drama correctly? It sounds simple, but it’s actually very hard to do properly. Even major corporations such as Marvel Entertainment, have been missing the mark more often than not with their narrated audio dramas (according to this reviewer’s humble opinion).

Narrators in audio drama can often easily and instantly take you out of the story. The stakes are lowered, especially if the narrator is a character within the story itself, who we know that no serious harm could have come to them on their adventure; otherwise how did they live to tell about it?

This is where Ben Kempf’s A Bit of Time Travel shines. Where so many show’s narrators take me out of the story, A Bit of Time Travel’s narrator, Marc LaPointe, draws me in. The show is such an immersive experience that adapts itself to the tone of each episode in the anthology series. (Adventures in Odyssey fans may be familiar with Ben's thorough and thought-provoking AIO episode reviews on Odyssey and Abroad.)

The show follows different stories, settings, and characters each time. Sometimes entirely different genres. But besides the uniquely enigmatic storytelling, they’re also glued together by the thesis statement of the series: what would you do with a time machine? Would you use it for good, or some mischief?

Often equal parts humor and drama, the narration has such rich character that I can’t help but feel like I am listening to the writing of one of the literary greats such as Mark Twain or Shakespeare. If Ben Kempf wrote a book, I would read it.

‘That’s all fine and good Chris,’ you might say, ‘but does the audio hold up?’ To that I say, it certainly does. The audio quality on this show rivals that of top-notch professional shows. Within even an episode or two into the series, you can hear leaps and strides of growth for Mr. Kempf, that I can’t help but see as stepping stones on the journey of one destined to be as great a sound designer as he is a storyteller.

The acting benefits from an incredible cast including familiar names such as Darby Kern (Left Behind; Jake Muller), J.D. Sutter (Babe of the Worlds; Greenhorn Tales), Glenn Hascall (Time Chroniclers; Nick Guy, Private Eye), Micah Touchet (Jake Muller; Shadows & Daylight), Jonathan Cooke (Pirateers), Trisha Rose (The Online Stage; The Lucky Penny) and many more!

The music is also top notch. The theme tune was created by none other than Garrett Vandenberg, and other musical contributions include pieces from Benjamin Krispin.

From ostriches in Canada, to crypts and forbidden gold, all the way to concerts under threat of a snowball, and a bit of everywhere in between, I think you’ll certainly find something for you in A Bit of Time Travel. 

The show is currently available as a free podcast, but I highly encourage you to sign up to (the “Netflix” of audio drama) for their very low price, and stream the show from there, to help support the show and its future. At any rate, get this show in your ears, you won’t be sorry.

Christopher Green is the writer & producer of audio dramas such as "Shadows & Daylight" and "The Jimmy, Sam & Tommy Show". He's the founder of the Audio Drama Alliance, and has contributed to sound design, writing, and acting, to the audio drama world on other shows such "The Ceiling Fan Podcast", "Deputy Guppy", "Greenhorn Tales" as well as others. When he's not working on audio drama, he's ministering to children and teens in his church, with the help of his wonderful wife Hannah. He's also a cartoonist and illustrator who can be found on Instagram and Twitter @fixadercomics.


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