Second Professor Phineas T. Boggs Production Available for Pre-Order

The Academy of Arts launched their first audio drama last year and they are getting ready to release another one. The second installment in...

Review of The Invisible Man from Big Finish Productions

H.G. Wells. The name conjures visions of tripod spaceships and plush Victorian time machines. It awakens nightmares of Martian invasions and...

ATC154: Talking Audio Drama with Writer Darby Kern

With both Roy and Andrew playing hooky, JD invites Audio Drama Alliance members Jonathan Cooke and Dominic Treis to participate in the episo...

5 Pet Peeves of Audio Drama Super Fans

Audio drama can be a wonderful form of media. The team here at Audio Theatre Central has shared info about many great series. However, even ...

Upcoming Fantasy Audio Dramatization of K.M. Weiland's Wayfarer

“Think being a superhero is hard? Try being the first one.” In 2018, author and writing guru, K.M. Weiland , unleashed her latest novel on t...

Review of A Bit of Time Travel, a Sci-fi Anthology Audio Drama

How do you use a narrator in audio drama correctly? It sounds simple, but it’s actually very hard to do properly. Even major corporations su...

Radio Theatre's Silas Marner Soundtrack Now Available

Jared DePasquale's score for Focus on the Family Radio Theatre's Silas Marner is finally available. You can now get the soundtrack ...

ATC153: Our Top 5 Favorite Audio Dramas of All Time

Have you ever wondered what our absolute favorite audio dramas are? Well thanks to the suggestion from listener Christopher 164, we're a...

Review of Frankenstein from Oasis Audio and A.S. Peterson

To be honest, I was skeptical of engaging with the story of Frankenstein at first. I must confess that the popular culture idea of Frankens...

ATC152: 4th Annual Seneca Awards Replay & Winners' Speeches [Bonus Episode]

In this bonus episode we share the replay of the 4th Annual ATC Seneca Awards show that was broadcast on July 30th, 2020. JD also shares a c...

24/7 Audio Drama Radio Station Launches

Who doesn't want to listen to audio drama all day long? Most people don't have the time to do that and, if they do, it's hard to...

New Works Festival Looking for Submissions

Sonic-Con, the family-friendly audio theatre convention, is looking for submissions for their New Works Festival. The festival will take pla...

ATC151: Review of Dashed to Pieces from Lamplighter Theatre

We're diving into a discussion on Lamplighter Theatre's  Dashed to Pieces  in this episode. This hour-long production created with t...

Review: This Duckburg Life, Audio Drama Miniseries from Disney

Launched in spring 2021, This Duckburg Life is a fun audio drama miniseries featuring familiar characters from the DuckTales television sho...

ATC150: Review of Jonathan Park #16: Legend Unleashed & Introducing Dramafy Audio Drama Streaming Service

Wise King Media's 16th series of Jonathan Park, titled Legend Unleashed, is up for review in this episode. We do a deep dive into this 1...

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