Jane Austen in Audio Drama: A Review of Two Adaptations, BBC and Audible

Hailing from late 18th century Britain, Jane Austen was a quiet girl with lucid insight and a pen of biting grace. She saw clearly, and what...

Review of End Of Darkness from Bible Actors Productions

In the spring of 2020, Bible Actors Productions , a theater group based in Lansing, Michigan released their first audio drama production. Af...

Lamplighter Theatre Producing Two New Audio Dramas

Photo Credit: Lamplighter Ministries In 2020 we saw little content from Lamplighter Theatre compared to the past few years. At the very end ...

ATC146: Interview with Will Ryan and Katie Leigh, the voices of Eugene and Connie

Today we are thrilled to have the amazing voice actors Katie Leigh and Will Ryan as our guests on the show. As you likely know, they play Co...

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