Beric The Briton, from Heirloom Audio, Is Now Available

The greatly anticipated production from Heirloom Audio's Henty series, Beric The Briton has been released. It is available as a digital ...

Actor Alan Young Dies at Age 96

Alan Young, the beloved voice of Mr. Whittaker's best friend on Adventures in Odyssey, Jack Allen , passed away on May 19, 2016. The cha...

The Eugene Sings! Albums Poll

In May of 2005 the first Eugene Sings! album was released which featured 17 songs written and performed by the voice of Eugene Meltsner, Wil...

Live Event With Voice Actors Will Ryan and Katie Leigh

We've been teasing this event on the podcast and now we're about a week away! Voice actors Katie Leigh (voice of Connie Kendall) and...

ATC78: Review of The Brinkman Adventures, Season 4

Season 4 of The Brinkman Adventures is the topic of conversation in this episode. With this latest season the team has kicked things up a co...

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