Two New Lamplighter Theatre Productions Available for Pre-Order

Lamplighter Ministries has announced that their two latest audio drams are now available for pre-order. Each is approximately two hours in l...

Audio Drama to Listen to During Easter Time

With the Easter season right around the corner, we began to think about all the various audio drama productions with themes related to Easte...

Review of The Incredible Race from Patch the Pirate

As a kid in the '90s, my main sources of entertainment were books and audio drama. In my early years, Adventures in Odyssey, Moody&#...

ATC117: Review of Brinkman Adventures Season 7: The Rescued & Interview with Witnesses Creator, Tracy Van Dolder

Happy April Fool's Day! We have a gift for you that's no joke! It's a jam-packed episode of audio drama goodness. We have a revi...

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