2023 Year End Audio Drama Sales Roundup

The holiday spirit is in the air, and so are the sales! You'll find that there are some fantastic deals on family-friendly audio dramas ...

ATC190-192: Sonic-Con 2023 Daily Recaps

We have just returned from Sonic-Con 2023 in Lynchburg, Virginia and it was an absolutely amazing time! I was joined by several Audio Drama ...

ATC189: “Venture” Cast Reveal with Alicia and Jonathan of Eternal Future Productions

Alicia Hansen and Jonathan Cooke from Eternal Future Productions join JD to talk about the audio dramas they're working on these days. T...

Review of Harry Moon: Wand-Paper-Scissors

Harry Moon: Wand-Paper-Scissors is a brand new audio drama production that released on October 16, 2023. Let's take a look at this prog...

ATC188: “The War of the Worlds” and “Operator” with Matthew P. Woerner | #WorldAudioDramaDay Bonus Episode

Today is World Audio Drama Day so we've got a bonus episode for you! Matthew P. Woerner from AudioImagination77 Productions joins JD to ...

ATC187: Scoring Adventures in Odyssey with Composer John Campbell

Another packed episode this month! Award-winning composer, John Campbell, joins JD to talk about composing scores for Adventures in Odyssey,...

ATC186: Exclusive ATC Backstage Initial Reactions | #PodcastDay Bonus

To celebrate International Podcast Day, JD brings a special bonus episode of the podcast. He shares a few audio drama updates and then gives...

ATC185: The 6th ATC Seneca Awards Replay & Winners’ Speeches

In this bonus episode, JD shares a few audio drama updates before playing the recording of the 6th ATC Seneca Awards broadcast from August 2...

ATC184: The LRT Media Backstory with Craig Hart & the Seneca Problem

JD sits down with writer/director Craig A. Hart, the founder of LRT Media, to talk about his journey into the audio drama industry. They cha...

The 6th ATC Seneca Awards Broadcast is Friday, August 25th

The 6th Audio Theatre Central Seneca Awards broadcast will air this Friday, August 25th, 2023. The show will kick off at 7 pm Pacific, 10 pm...

ATC183: Review of Adventures In Odyssey #73: 28 Hours

Michael Schroeder joins JD for an extended review of Adventures in Odyssey album 73: 28 Hours. They break down some of the standout moments ...

Jared DePasquale's Score for The Victory of Joan of Arc Has Been Released

The soundtrack for Augustine Institute Radio Theatre's latest release,  The Victory of Joan of Arc , has been released on all major stre...

ATC182: AI Audio Drama, Odyssey News & Listener Feedback

Today JD skips the reviews and interviews to bring you a huge list of audio drama updates, including a bunch of news about upcoming Adventur...

Ultimate List of American History Audio Drama

The history of the United States of America is filled with amazing events and extraordinary people. Audio drama has been a big part of  the ...

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