Review of Harry Moon: Wand-Paper-Scissors

Harry Moon: Wand-Paper-Scissors is a brand new audio drama production that released on October 16, 2023. Let's take a look at this prog...

Harry Moon: Wand-Paper-Scissors is a brand new audio drama production that released on October 16, 2023. Let's take a look at this program which aims to teach kids how to handle bullying through a fun, creative story.

What is Harry Moon?

Wand-Paper-Scissors is a new adaptation of the first in a popular children's book series. The 21-book Harry Moon saga centers on a young magician and his talking rabbit. The books were written by Mark Andrew Poe (a man with 25 rabbits) and adapted by Joshua Nicholson with script consulting by John Fornof (two men who, according to my best internet research, have no rabbits).

Joshua Nicholson, scriptwriter, post-production,
narrator, and voice of Rabbit

In this audio drama, we are introduced to the fictitious locale of Sleepy Hollow, Massachusetts. The unusual thing about this town is that everything in it is Halloween-themed year round, a scheme created by the entrepreneurial Mayor Maximus Kilgore (played by Chris Wilhelmi) to generate tourism.

One resident of Sleepy Hollow, MA is 13-year-old Harry Moon (voiced by Everet Poreda). He has his eyes set on winning the town’s annual Scary Talent Show with his magic tricks. Unfortunately, he has a very Eighth Grade problem which stands in his way: a bully named Titus (Henry Allan), the previous years’ winner of the Scary Talent Show, and who also just happens to be the mayor’s son.

Throughout the audio drama, Harry struggles with how to respond to bullying as well as the unrequited romantic interest in his friend Sarah Sinclair (played by Kylie Sullivan). All the while, he is mentored by his parents (played by Margaret Thompson and Chris Fedak) and a local store owner, Samson Dupree (John Fornof) in how to behave with high character.

What’s interesting about Harry, though, is his magical wand and his talking rabbit named… Rabbit.


Some parents may be wondering if an audio drama with magic is appropriate for their kids. Here is some context to help you decide if this material is kosher for your household:

First, the magic Harry wields in Wand-Paper-Scissors is played in a whimsical, almost tongue-in-cheek way. Because it takes itself lightly, there is no explanation of how the magic in this fictional world works. This reduces the likelihood of younger listeners confusing this with the real world.

Second, Harry’s magical powers are not the focus. While they are a crucial piece of the story, they are actually a means of exploring deeper character and moral questions.



Harry, who has been bullied by Titus and wants to impress Sarah, finds himself suddenly very powerful with his magic wand. However, after Titus does something fairly awful to Harry in an attempt to shame him and force him to forfeit the talent show, Harry reacts by trying to take vengeance on Titus. As later explained by Rabbit (played by Joshua Nicholson, one of the standout cast members of the production), Harry’s magic cannot be used for vengeance. Instead, it is something that only works through the development of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, and self-control, indirectly referencing Galatians 5:22-23.

Later, Harry is convinced to live by the slogan, “Do No Evil.” In the climactic moment, Harry is given a choice to abandon the bully Titus or to rescue him from a malfunctioning virtual reality room. Will he display character growth by extending the effort to help Titus or will he let revenge rule his actions? 

These are valuable examples of living selflessly. Portrayed in this story, they are palatable for younger listeners.


Production Values

On the technical side, Wand-Paper-Scissors is populated by a variety of voices which do not mix perfectly, either being muffled or having vocal qualities that don’t sound like the same room. However, the music is fun and whimsical. There were also several creative sounds which effectively allow a listener to imagine Harry’s magic, particularly each time that Rabbit made a public appearance.


Closing Thoughts 

Wand-Paper-Scissors is 77 minutes long. It is a self-contained story on its own, but this production does entice a listener to explore all of Harry’s further antics. And while older kids will likely find the stakes less engaging, this is a perfectly enjoyable audio drama to entertain a car full of twitchy children ages 7-12. You can hear a sample and purchase a copy of this show at the Harry Moon website. You can also stream it on Dramafy.

Robert Thacker worked on his first audio drama when he was six years old (using one of those nifty player/recorder cassette combos - iykyk).  Since then he has been a sound designer and special effects technician for live theatre.  In his free time he writes novels and scripts, hikes up the tallest mountains he can find, and rolls around on Heelys (usually without even falling).


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