Audio Drama to Listen to During Easter Time

With the Easter season right around the corner, we began to think about all the various audio drama productions with themes related to Easte...

With the Easter season right around the corner, we began to think about all the various audio drama productions with themes related to Easter. There are several productions which are quite apropos this time of the year so we decided to compile this list and share it with you. The following are some of our favorite Easter-themed audio drama. This is not a ranked list, just some great content that you're sure to enjoy.

Feature Length Productions

Titus, A Comrade of the Cross
Lamplighter Theatre

This fabulous audio drama tells the story of the crucifixion from a very interesting perspective. It is powerfully moving and is well worth your time. One of the best reenactments of the crucifixion scene ever produced.
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Focus on the Family Radio Theatre

This adaptation of the classic historical novel is superbly done. While it encompasses much more than the story of Jesus, his crucifixion is an essential point in the plot of the life of Judah Ben-Hur.
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The Story of Little Tree

Aimed at the little listeners in the family, this musical dramatization of the story of Jesus' passion is so well done that in can be enjoyed by all ages. The songs are catchy and fun while still driving home the point of the story in a relatable way.
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Suddenly One Morning: The Shopkeeper's Story
Insight for Living Radio Theater

Another re-telling of the story of Christ's death, burial and resurrection from a new point of view, Suddenly One Morning, shows how Jesus's life had an impact on the everyday citizens of the time. This is an extremely well-done production in every way.
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Easter Story
Word of Promise

While not an audio drama in the strictest sense of the term, this does have the major elements; a full cast, musical score and sound effects. But since it is a narration of the text of Scripture it is not an audio drama script. This program combines the story of Jesus' crucifixion as told by each of the Gospels, into a single chronological narrative which is read by a full cast.
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The Life of Jesus (The Luke Reports)
Focus on the Family Radio Theatre

This amazing audio drama chronicles the entire life of Jesus as told by the physician Luke, who wrote the Gospel which bears his name. A phenomenal series that runs several hours long, this production is sure to be a favorite.
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Short-Form Productions

The Hope That Heals/Dressed For Sacrifice
Down Gilead Lane

These two special Easter themed episodes of DGL were not included in a regular season album, but can be found in a special collection of holiday episodes.
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The Miracle of Easter, Parts 1 - 4
Kids Corner

This episode is a fun retelling of the biblical story combined with a healthy dose of shenanigans from all your favorite Kids Corner characters.
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The Cross Maker
Porchlight Family Media

This short audio dramatization tells the story of the crucifixion from the perspective of the carpenter who built the cross on which Jesus was crucified.
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Thief on the Cross

An interesting take on the Easter story, this program is based on the book, Heaven, How I Got Here. It tells the story of the life of the one of the thieves who was crucified with Jesus starting at his childhood.
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Lastly, there are several Easter related Adventures in Odyssey episodes.

The Imagination Station, Part 1 and Part 2

An Adventure in Bethany, Part 1 and Part 2

The Imagination Station, Revisited, Part 1 and Part 2

Happy Easter!


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