ATC165: Highlights from Sonic-Con 2021 with Industry Guests

Today we revisit Sonic-Con 2021 through audio recorded at the event by JD, Josh Rodriguez, and Dominic Treis. We've got clips from sever...

ATC164: Review of Adventures In Odyssey #71: A Slippery Slope

JD, Roy, and Andrew are doing a deep dive into Adventures in Odyssey Volume #71: A Slippery Slope in this episode. We discuss all that we l...

ATC163: Review of The Adventum, Volume 4 from Wise King Media

The Adventum is a chronological audio dramatization of biblical stories that started a few years ago and we've been following them since...

ATC162: Review of The Hidden Hand, Vol. I & II from Lamplighter Theatre

We're finally getting to discuss The Hidden Hand from Lamplighter Theatre so buckle up! This near 6-hour audio drama gave us lots to ta...

ATC161: Top 5 Favorite AIO Club Episodes & Audio Bible Super Production Interview

Today we present our February 2022 episode and while it may be late it's a jam-packed show! We've got an interview with Audio Bible ...

ATC160: Review of The Magician’s Nephew from Focus on the Family Radio Theatre

We're back after a few weeks of a forced break. JD, Roy, and Andrew finally jump into reviewing Radio Theatre's The Chronicles of Na...

Nomination Phase Begins for the ATC Seneca Awards People's Choice Category

Nominations are now open for the new People's Choice Audio Drama of the Year category of the ATC Seneca Awards. You may submit your favo...

Moody Radio Re-Releases Classic Audio Drama The Bookshelf, Fables of Faith, & More

If you listened to Christian radio stations in the 1960s -1980s, there's a good chance you heard some audio drama from Moody Broadcastin...

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