New Christmas Audio Drama for 2022

Christmastime and audio drama just go together so well. Getting comfortable in a warm home and turning on a great story is a delightful way ...

Christmastime and audio drama just go together so well. Getting comfortable in a warm home and turning on a great story is a delightful way to spend a winter evening.

And what's more fitting than a Christmas story? Since there were several new releases for Christmas this year, we decided to put together a quick roundup of all of them so you don't miss any that you may want to check out.

Brinkman Adventures - "Peppy The Cat"
The Brinkman's cat escapes leading to a crisis of faith among the family. (Part of the Season 9 album; cannot be purchased separately.)

The timeless and beloved Christmas classic comes to life! In that magical month between Thanksgiving and Christmas, a "department store" Santa, who claims to be the real Santa Claus, disrupts the commercialistic workings of Macy's Department store, and in so doing, touches the hearts of a cynical woman and her daughter.

FaithFilled Stories - "The Innkeeper's Son"
Jamis, the son of an innkeeper, is constantly getting into trouble. After one of his many schemes backfires, he becomes a witness to the most amazing event to ever happen in his small town. How will this affect him and his family?

Greenhorn Tales - "Portraits and Poinsettias"
Cameron and Nicholas are at the Bristol Shopping Centre to take care of some last-minute Christmas shopping. But nothing ever goes smoothly for these two and the somewhat wacky folks they encounter at the mall don't help matters at all. Will their Christmas celebrations be ruined?

Markiewitz Audioworks - Three Christmas Trees
Markiewitz Audioworks is proud to present a full cast audio drama of Juliana Horatia Ewing's 1867 short story, "Three Christmas Trees."  With some new dialogue, sound effects, original music and an international cast, this story is sure to be a holiday favorite.

Story Sound Audio Productions - Emmanuel: God With Us
The story of the Nativity comes to life in this dramatic audio adaptation based on the Gospels of Matthew and Luke.  Experience the journey of Mary and Joseph as they are entrusted with the awesome task of bringing the Son of God into the world.

Witnesses - "A Promise Kept"
For over 40 years, Simeon has known that he would see something very special, but he can’t help wondering how much longer he will have to wait to see the Comfort of Israel. Then, a surprise direction and a shocking sight reminds him that Yahweh has not forgotten His people, or His promise to one old man.

Lastly, the following two productions are not new this year, but they were both re-released as podcasts this year so I wanted to mention them too.

Playful World Ministries - Guess Who’s Coming for Christmas
What begins as a typical, predictable... okay - boring Christmas for Gary and Caroline Harbin is utterly shattered by a surprise visit from Gary's long lost mother, Maddie, who's been AWOL for six years! Needless to say, she's traveling with more than a little baggage! But it gets worse! She's accompanied by her friend Morey Greene - a Las Vegas comedian! But it gets worse! Turns out Morey is much more than a friend! Could it get any worse? Gary wants answers! What's his mother doing - chumming around with a Las Vegas, eh, comedian? And how could Morey actually know more about Christmas than they do? Is this some kind of joke? And why is Gary's mom happier than she's ever been?

The Merry Beggars - A Christmas Carol
The Merry Beggars present an original Audio Advent Calendar of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol! Journey towards Christmas with Ebenezer Scrooge in a daily 10-minute episode every day of Advent. Join us for a first-of-its-kind audio Advent Calendar as Charles Dickens reads A Christmas Carol in England, 1843.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Audio Theatre Central!

J.D. Sutter is the host and producer of the Audio Theatre Central podcast and editor of the blog. A lifelong fan of audio drama, he is an industry critic who has guest lectured and spoken at conferences on the subject. J.D. is also a voiceover artist, podcast consultant, and chair of the ATC Seneca Awards, the annual awards for the family-friendly audio drama industry.


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