Review of The Innkeeper's Son from FaithFilled Stories

A lamb who disobediently strays from the flock... and her caring Shepherd. A storm that… suddenly wasn’t there. A boy who loves mischief… an...

A lamb who disobediently strays from the flock... and her caring Shepherd.

A storm that… suddenly wasn’t there.

A boy who loves mischief… and encounters a baby in a manger who will change everything.

FaithFilled Stories is an audio drama series that tells fun, faith-building stories for kids and families. It’s good, free audio drama with crystal-clear audio, solid sound design, charming performances, and short & sweet stories.

Created and produced by ATC contributor Austin Peachey, FaithFilled Stories has two past installments: a parable and a miracle.

And today, just in time for Advent, we’re getting a third episode – the story of a mischievous innkeeper’s son who witnesses the earth-shattering miracle of the Incarnation, "The Innkeeper’s Son".

Jamis, the son of an innkeeper, is constantly getting into trouble. After one of his many schemes backfires, he becomes a witness to the most amazing event to ever happen in his small town. How will this affect him and his family?

"The Innkeeper’s Son" has a fun cast with a lot of familiar names:
  • Dominic Treis
  • John Tuttle III
  • Heidi Stewart
  • Frank Ulle (creator of Nick Guy, Private Eye)
  • Darby Kern (creator of The Jake Muller Adventures)
  • Alicia Hansen (co-creator of Pirateers)
  • Felicity Pinkerton
  • Trisha Rose
  • John David Hazelwood
  • Duane and Andrew Riffenburgh (writers on classic Jonathan Park)
  • and… our own JD Sutter! (I’ll let you listen to figure out who he plays)

Listening to this episode, I thought Austin Peachey and Co did a great job taking the quality of episodes 1 and 2 to the next level. The sound design and music are on point, and the story does a good job letting us experience the glorious meaning of Christ's birth through the eyes of average people. And with a runtime of only 20 minutes, it's perfect for your family car ride to that Christmas party next week, hot cocoa in hand and eyes sharp for Christmas lights. 

You can listen at the FaithFilled Stories website, on Spotify, or the podcast app of your choice. And you can follow their Facebook page for updates on new episodes here.

The King has Come! Merry Christmas and happy listening!

Joah Pearson is an audio drama junky residing in the Goober State. He and his nine younger siblings have grown up on OG Jonathan Park and FOTF Radio Theatre - with a smattering of AIO and a good dose of Lamplighter Theatre.
If he's not listening to audio drama, he's probably starting a new book instead of finishing the 19 others he already started. 


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