Audio Drama Narration That Actually Works

Witnesses , the captivating audio drama, stands out for its exceptional narration. Now, I'm not a big fan of narration in audio drama, b...

Witnesses, the captivating audio drama, stands out for its exceptional narration. Now, I'm not a big fan of narration in audio drama, but I am a big fan of Witnesses. So what is it about author Tracy Van Dolder's narration that works?

The brilliance of Witnesses narration lies in its ability to narrate the impact of Jesus' actions through the lens of those who witnessed him. It goes beyond merely recounting events. The effectiveness stems from the idea that we, as listeners, are not just passive observers of Jesus' actions. Instead, we become participants in the emotional journey of those who bore witness. This added layer of connection enhances our understanding of the impact and significance of each event. Through the narration, we gain insight into how these individuals were changed and affected by the presence of Jesus in their lives.

As listeners, we benefit from having a guide, a narrative voice, that helps us navigate the emotional landscape of the story. It's not about being forceful or overly direct; rather, it's an artful narration that invites us to feel and reflect without being explicitly told how to do so.

The beauty of Witnesses lies in its ability to strike a delicate balance—providing guidance without being heavy-handed. This approach allows listeners to form their own emotional responses, fostering a more genuine and personal connection with the narrative. Another fantastic audio drama which nails its usage of narration, is A Bit of Time Travel, which I wrote a review for that you can read here.

As creators, understanding the delicate balance of guiding listeners without being too explicit is key to crafting a narrative that resonates deeply.

What are some of your favourite stories with good narration? Comment about them below.

Editor's Note: This article was first published at under the title, "How to write story narration that actually works" and is syndicated here by the author's request. You can follow that blog for more helpful storytelling tips.

Christopher Green is a passionate storyteller who enjoys working in various mediums, such as audio dramas, comics, and video. He has experience in multiple roles, including producer, writer, sound designer, actor, cinematographer, editor, and illustrator. Some of his projects include creating and producing "Shadows & Daylight," show developer and head writer for "Greenhorn Tales," and founding the Audio Drama Alliance.
In his free time, Christopher loves exploring new culinary experiences and taking walks with his wife, Hannah.
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