ATC200: Milestone Celebration with Industry Guests, the ATC Team & You!

For this milestone episode, we are thrilled to present some short conversations with several of the top creatives in the family-friendly aud...

For this milestone episode, we are thrilled to present some short conversations with several of the top creatives in the family-friendly audio drama industry; writers, composers, actors, directors, and sound designers. J.D. chats with each of them about why they love working in audio drama and then asks some fun questions to get to know these talented folks. In addition to this industry guest spectacular, J.D. is also joined on the show by nearly all of the current team of ATC contributors; Austin Peachey, Michael Schroeder, Robert Thacker, and Christopher Green to talk about how they first found ATC and got involved with the show and blog. We also get to hear some great voicemails from several members of the ATC family and J.D. kicks off the show with a special edition of Here's What I'm Thinking in which he shares some fun ATC stats and facts. Join us for all the fun in the 200th episode of Audio Theatre Central!

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ATC Stats & Facts (So Here’s What I’m Thinking) - 3:14

For this edition of Here's What I'm Thinking, JD shares some stats about the history of the show including top countries, listener demographics, just how much content we've created, and more.

Industry Guests Segment #1 - 11:38

  • Rob Jorgensen
  • Darby Kern
  • Nathan Hoobler
  • Todd Busteed
  • Alicia Hansen
  • Craig Hart
  • Phil Lollar
  • Dave Arnold

Feedback Segment - 58:25

We were thrilled to receive voice messages from the following ATC community members for this episode.

  • Christian Minassian
  • Caleb Bressler
  • David Hilder
  • Jeremy Levy
  • OdysseyFan
  • Betsy Nicholson
  • Jason Markiewitz
  • Phil Lollar
  • Bethany Baldwin
  • Trisha Rose

Industry Guests Segment #2 - 1:07:22

  • Aaron Fullan
  • Cathy Sara
  • Marshal Younger
  • Glenn Hascall
  • Katie Leigh
  • Pat Roy
  • Paul McCusker
  • Jared DePasquale
  • John Fornof

Not all of the industry guests had a camera for our conversation, and some of the screen grabs didn't turn out, but here are some snapshots of some of the guests featured on today's episode.

ATC Team Chat Segment - 1:56:20

Robert did not have a camera, but he's there too! :) We wish Joah could have been able to make it as well.

ATC96 (when J.D., Michael, and Austin first met)

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Credits for ATC200 read by Betsy Nicholson.

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