ATC158: Interview with Actor Nato Jacobson & Jonathan and Alicia from Eternal Future Productions - Live from Sonic-Con 2021

Recorded before a live audience at Sonic-Con 2021, today's episode is a fun one! ADA member Josh Rodriguez co-hosts with JD and we are j...

Recorded before a live audience at Sonic-Con 2021, today's episode is a fun one! ADA member Josh Rodriguez co-hosts with JD and we are joined by three guests. We interview actor Nato Jacobson and talk about how he started working in the audio drama industry, some of his favorite roles, and how voice acting is different from screen acting. We also talk with Alicia Hansen and Jonathan Cooke from Eternal Future Productions about the genesis of their show Pirateers, their plans for the future, and how to get started producing a serial audio drama. We also share a newscast, some tidbits, and Nato and Jonathan do some demonstrations of how they approach voicing characters.

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Intro Segment

This episode was recorded before a live audience at Sonic-Con 2021

Josh Rodriguez is a member of the Audio Drama Alliance, a Lamplighter Guild alum, and creator and writer of a new show, Yours Truly, Johnny Denarii, a parody of Johnny Dollar.

Newscast Segment

The Nick Guy, Private Eye series has recently released several new volumes of the show. They are now available for purchase on Amazon and at

The Brinkman Adventures special series, Freedom: William Bradford and the American Pilgrims, is airing on radio now.

Audio Drama Tidbits Segment

Greenhorn Tales is finally completed!
Huge thanks to Marc Mulcahy and Ben Kempf for tackling sound design and mixing.
First four episodes are on Dramafy now!
Will begin being posted at on November 8th, 2021.

Interview Segment

Nato Jacobson
Award-winning actor, writer, and director
Lamplighter Theatre, Jonathan Park, Brinkman Adventures, The Adventum, Abide - 

Nato Jacobson delivers a keynote at Sonic-Con
Photo courtesy Alicia Hansen

Alicia Hansen and Jonathan Cooke
Eternal Future Productions
Pirateers, Merry Holiday

Alicia Hansen, JD Sutter, and Jonathan Cooke

Character Demonstrations Segment

  1. A 45-year-old, tall, athletic insurance salesman and a maitre d at a 5-star restaurant. 
  2. A veteran NYPD detective questioning a crime suspect who is a 30-something drug dealer and thug.
  3. Ebenezer Scrooge and Bob Cratchit in the office on Christmas Eve Night.
  4. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson in the sitting room at 221B Baker Street, London.

Photos courtesy of Josh Rodriguez

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