ATC166: The Day Independence Came & More Patriotic Audio Drama with Phil Lollar

It's America's birthday today so we decided to talk about some of our favorite American History audio dramas to celebrate. Austin Pe...

It's America's birthday today so we decided to talk about some of our favorite American History audio dramas to celebrate. Austin Peachey joins Andrew and JD to talk about "The Day Independence Came" from Adventures in Odyssey and a few other patriotic AIO episodes. They also talk about more American History themed productions from other series. Then JD chats with writer/director Phil Lollar to get some behind the scenes info on some of these iconic AIO episodes, talk about why it's important to know history, and why understanding how story works can make us better people. And JD also shares a handful of audio drama tidbits to kick off the whole party! Don't miss this jam-packed episode!

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Intro Segment

Congrats to Roy and his wife on the birth of their new baby boy!

Audio Drama Tidbits Segment - 02:24

New Base Camp Adventures episode, “True or False” is the first episode in Volume 5 called Across the Horizon.

The Senecas are delayed this year. Broadcast will be at the end of August as opposed to the typical end of July. Nominees will be announced in a few weeks.

Congrats to Austin Peachey on his award-winning audio drama. He produced an audio drama for his senior capstone project called Matthias Falcon, Private Eye

Review Segment - 05:55

"The Day Independence Came"
Adventures in Odyssey Episode #33
Released July 2, 1988

Our Other Favorite Patriotic AIO
JD: "Lincoln", Parts 1 and 2
Andrew: "The American Revelation", Parts 1 and 2
Austin: "By Dawn’s Early Light"

Andre Stojka’s son’s audiobook of Lincoln’s doctor

More American History audio drama from other series
LifeHouse Theatre on the Air - Hiding in Plain Sight
Jonathan Park - Light in the Shadows
Your Story Hour - Heritage of Our Country
Down Gilead Lane - Stars and Gripes
Discovery Mountain - Mini Adventures about Paul Revere
Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty - With Lee in Virginia
Patch the Pirate - The Great American Time Machine
Stan Freburg’s The United States of America
Leaving A Legacy - Twice Free
Lux Radio Theater - Wake Island (#219 on Zoot Radio's List)

Austin's Links

Interview Segment - 56:30

Phil Lollar

Quote: “For us to understand life better, I think we need to understand story better.” - Phil Lollar

Quote from Phil’s email: “It is important to know our history because it is part of the bigger story - the grand story of life. We need to see where our predecessors failed, but also where they succeeded. Most important of all, we need to see God's hand working through the history of our country, and the world.”

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