ATC143: Review of Brinkman Adventures Season 8: The Wild Way & Interview with Base Camp Adventures Creative Director, Evan David

Our final episode of 2020 is a packed one! We bring a huge newscast with some exciting happenings, a review of Season 8 of the Brinkman Adve...

Our final episode of 2020 is a packed one! We bring a huge newscast with some exciting happenings, a review of Season 8 of the Brinkman Adventures, and some great feedback from Ian, Malachi, E.Z., Joah, and Austin. Speaking of Austin, he also conducts a fantastic interview with Evan David, the Creative Director of the Base Camp Adventures series. In the midst of all this we manage to mention flamethrowers, snakes, and aliens. Join us for all the fun!

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Newscast Segment

Our contact at Lamplighter Ministries has informed us that The Hidden Hand is not going to hit the projected release time.

Beachglass Ministries’ upcoming audio drama, Freedom: William Bradford and the American Pilgrims has been delayed.

There is just one month left to release audio drama productions for them to be eligible for the 2020 ATC Seneca Awards. Submission requirements and info at

Review Segment

Brinkman Adventures Season 8: The Wild Way
Released 2019
Duration 2:35:34

067 The Expert
068 Wild Boys & Water Tigers
069 The Wild Way
070 Rescue the Captors, Part 1
071 Rescue the Captors, Part 2
072 Grudge Tree

We did learn some of the cast credits after the episode was recorded. Below are the ones we were able to confirm:
Jack Brinkman - Mike Landers
Susan Brinkman - Shannon Zorn
Patrick Pennington - Jim Reith
Bernice Pennington - Deb Babich
Leon Rogers - John Pfannerstill (He also played Dave Anderson, the missionary who crashes in the ocean in episodes 1-3.)
Russell Stendal - Nato Jacobson

Jared DePasquale has released the soundtrack to this album. 
Download on Amazon or stream on Spotify.

Interview Segment

Evan David
Evan David

Evan David, Creative Director
Base Camp Adventures from Life Action Ministries

Thanks to Austin Peachey for conducting this interview.

Feedback Segment

Austin Peachey has found a missing audio drama

EZ sent a voicemail

Joah comments on out of print audio drama

Ian J. has a question about the recurring Dilber in Radio Theatre productions

Malachi L. inquires about sci-fi Old Time Radio

Audio Drama Tidbits Segment

Ultimate List of Christmas Audio Drama

Record our show credits for a future episode.
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Credits read by Ian J. in episode 143.

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