Pirateers: Season 2 Teaser and Cast Announcement

We discovered the show Pirateers , from Eternal Future Productions , earlier this year and introduced it to you on the blog this past summer...

We discovered the show Pirateers, from Eternal Future Productions, earlier this year and introduced it to you on the blog this past summer. Since that time, all seven episodes of Season 1 have been released and production has begun on Season 2. Today, the team at at EFP has released a teaser for Season 2.

In addition to releasing the teaser audio, the team has also revealed the Season 2 artwork, synopsis, and cast list. ATC's own J.D. Sutter will appear in multiple episodes in this coming season along with another familiar name in the industry, Glenn Hascall. Recording has been completed for all actors for the full season and the episodes are now in the post-production stage.


With tensions high among the Captain and his crew, due to his newfound faith, a couple of unexpected visitors will begin to rock the boat even further.

Season 2 episodes are expected to begin dropping in early 2021. In the meantime, be sure to catch up on Season 1.The show is available to download for free via podcast and on the EFP website. And if you are enjoying the show, consider a donation to help them keep going.

Season 2 Cover Art


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