Independent Producer, Ichthus Family Productions, Releases Adaptation of Sarah, Plain And Tall

Audio Theatre Central community members, Victoria and Sarah Grace ( who interviewed the ATC hosts on episode 70 ), have made the jump into t...

Audio Theatre Central community members, Victoria and Sarah Grace (who interviewed the ATC hosts on episode 70), have made the jump into the world of audio drama production. A few months ago, they launched Ichthus Family Productions (IFP) with several other members of their family and have since released several audio projects. On February 9, 2016, they released an audio drama adaptation of the novel "Sarah, Plain And Tall" by Patricia MacLachlan.

JD's Review

This half-hour audio drama is fairly well done in terms of production values. The entire project, from script to acting to post-production, was done by Victoria, Sarah Grace and their siblings. Considering that fact, I was impressed with the quality of the show.

Since I've not read the book, I am unable to comment on the faithfulness of the adaptation. While there were a few moments where the scripting was a bit jolting, for the most part the scenes flowed adequately enough. This is a really charming story that transports the listener to a time in American history which I've always found fascinating.

The acting was reasonably good and I particularly enjoyed Elijah's portrayal of the character of Caleb. While Victoria did a good job playing the characters of Sarah and Anna, I do feel that the show would have benefitted from using different actors for these two major characters as the voices were very similar and at times it was difficult to tell which character was speaking. But I can understand the limitations imposed when you're working with a small group.

The music was very good and the theme music in particular is quite nice. The sound design is also well done and adequately brings the listener into the scenes. Of special note was the scene where Sarah slides down the "dune"; it was a really fun scene.

I quite enjoyed listening to this 24 minute program and I look forward to hearing future projects from IFP as the team continues to grow and improve their skills. Overall, this production is well worth a listen so be sure to check it out!


Here is a summary of the program from the IFP website:
A sweet story of a family on the plains and prairies of the West who live the lives of farmers. We will meet Jacob, the father, and his two children, Anna and Caleb. Jacob’s wife died soon after giving birth to Caleb. Now, several years later, he feels the time has come to look for a new mother for his children and a wife for himself. A woman from Maine answers his advertisement in the paper and they get to know each other through letters. Sarah Elisabeth Wheaton comes from Maine and stays with the family. Anna and Caleb wonder. Will she stay? Does she miss the sea too much?

You can check out this audio drama at the links below. It is available to stream and download for free.

Ichthus Family Productions Homepage
Download Sarah, Plain and Tall


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