ATC181: Audiobook/Audio Drama Hybrids with Kenny Sargent of Sargent Family Productions

Today we have a bonus episode for you! JD has a great conversation with Kenny Sargent of Sargent Family Productions about audiobook/audio dr...

Today we have a bonus episode for you! JD has a great conversation with Kenny Sargent of Sargent Family Productions about audiobook/audio drama hybrid productions, some of the challenges he faced with his projects, and the value of writers being willing to listen to feedback and refine their manuscripts. Before Kenny joins the show, JD shares several audio drama updates and gives a micro review of Wayfarer, the latest release from Sargent Family Productions. And to cap off the episode, JD addresses feedback from Rob and EZ. Be sure to listen to the whole episode to find out how you can get 50% off of both Sargent Family Productions releases.

Download Episode 181

Audio Drama Updates - 1:21

On Demand 2: The Corner of Mercy & Grace out now

New Lamplighter Theatre, Hungering and Thirsting, is a musical

Chad Beninati’s new fantasy audio drama

The Adventum Vol. 6 coming in August

Review - 13:41

K.M. Weiland's Wayfarer
Sargent Family Productions

(See links below in the Interview Segment to purchase.)

Joah's review of Wayfarer on the ATC blog

Interview - 28:41

Kenny Sargent, producer with Sargent Family Productions

Sargent Family Productions website
Use coupon code ATC to get 50% off Generations and Wayfarer through Sept. 2023

Generations, the novel on Amazon - paperback and kindle
Generations 2: The D.C. Gambit on Amazon - paperback and kindle

Feedback - 1:12:12

Voicemail from EZ responding JD's monologue about audio drama fan engagement 

Rob M emails about the David Carl interview from ATC180

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