The Reverend Spy from Leaving a Legacy Ministries Is Out Now

The long-anticipated follow-up to Twice Freed from Leaving a Legacy Ministries is finally here! This new production is a 1-hour and 45-minu...

The long-anticipated follow-up to Twice Freed from Leaving a Legacy Ministries is finally here! This new production is a 1-hour and 45-minute adaptation of the book, The Reverend Spy by Rev. David P. Denton. This book chronicles the true story of a preacher who worked undercover for the American government during World War II. Though many people have assumed the book was biographical, Rev. Denton would never confirm or deny that assumption.

Official Summary:
"When Dan Phillips, a young minister, promises to do anything to protect his country at the start of World War II, he has no idea how much that will cost him and his family.
He tries to enlist in the fight only to be rejected. Then a mysterious stranger gives him an offer to serve his country in a way far beyond anything he could have imagined.
Going undercover, he accepts never being able to relax and be a “normal” preacher again.
Join him as his life is turned upside down for the cause of freedom."

Beginning with the script, which was written by Bobby Pickett and Elizabeth Hamilton, Leaving a Legacy Ministries has been working on this production for over three years. The team brought in well-known composer, John Campbell, to score this feature-length production. Aside from former Audio Drama Alliance member, Elisabeth Hemmeter, the cast of this production are mostly unknown in the industry, but there are a few familiar names on the crew, including Christopher Green (Shadows and Daylight, Greenhorn Tales), recording artist, Merilee Barnard, and ATC contributor, Austin Peachey.

Co-writer and co-director, Elizabeth Hamilton, said that the process of creating this audio drama was a long journey for her and her team. She knew that this production was going to be a bigger project than Twice Freed, but said that The Reverend Spy "ended up taking longer and costing more than we had anticipated at the beginning, but we are excited to be able to share this story with everyone!" Despite lots of speed bumps during the process of producing this audio drama, it is now completed and Elizabeth adds that she hopes "that people come away with a respect for the price that some have paid for our freedom."

You can get your copy of The Reverend Spy on CD or digital download now at the Leaving a Legacy Ministries website. You can also hear a teaser here.


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