Lamplighter Theatre Releases The Hidden Hand & Dashed to Pieces

After a long delay, Lamplighter Theatre's dramatization of The Hidden Hand is now available. This roughly six-hour long production is La...

After a long delay, Lamplighter Theatre's dramatization of The Hidden Hand is now available. This roughly six-hour long production is Lamplighter Ministries' longest production to date.
"The rugged hills of western Virginia hid many secrets in the days of the Old South. Gruff, elderly gentlemen like Old Hurricane ruled their plantations like kings, and thieves preyed on unwary travelers. Secrets abound in this masterpiece by E.D.E.N. Southworth. You will be delighted and thrilled as God's own hidden hand moves the lives of rascals and heroes alike to work His plan for good. Young Capitola begins life under a dark and mysterious cloud, but her fiery enthusiasm for life and adventure turns Old Hurricane and his entire plantation upside-down. Scalawags and saints beware; Capitola will capture your heart and run away with it."

Longtime Adventures in Odyssey fans will recognize actress Katie Leigh as the lead role of Capitola in this audio drama. Other familiar voices include Nato Jacobson and Stacey Bradshaw.

Another audio drama from Lamplighter that recently came out is Dashed to Pieces. 

"Transport yourself back in time to the days of early Christianity where following Jesus means persecution, suffering, and probable death. Roman General Virgilius is faced with the difficult decision to profess the name of His God at the risk of his family’s safety. As the story begins, you will quickly find yourself on a vicarious journey with uncommon characters such as the tortured slave Seyd, the deeply wounded and idolatrous widow, Livia, the self-absorbed materialist, Phebe, and the vengeful Centurion Varro. Position and power hold no advantage as slaves and generals find themselves on equal footing, hiking treacherous mountain paths in the midst of a catastrophic flood. As each character represents our own inner selves, listeners will be faced with their own decision of faith or denial. See how those who are willing to forsake all can spark a revolution of change in those closest to them."

This production is similar in nature to The Unlikely Wise Man that Lamplighter put out last year. While The Hidden Hand contains bookends featuring Finnian Jones, this one does not.

When asked about this, the team had this to say:
"The Unlikely Wise Man was a special student project, as was Dashed to Pieces. That is part of the reason they are shorter and do not include the bookends. Our regular Lamplighter Theatre Dramas will continue to include Finnian Jones as we move forward."

In the cast of Dashed to Pieces, you'll hear Heidi Olson Stewart, the announcer for the ATC Seneca Awards, in one of the lead roles.

You can get your own copies of the audio dramas at the links below.

Purchase Volumes 1 & 2 of The Hidden Hand


Purchase The Hidden Hand: Volume 1

CD | MP3

Purchase The Hidden Hand: Volume 2

CD | MP3

Purchase Dashed to Pieces

CD | MP3

Austin Peachey is a die-hard reader and audio drama fan. He's run the Adventures in Odyssey Blog for over 12 years and has produced a few audio dramas of his own, including FaithFilled Stories. He's also helped work on the 2nd edition of The Official Guide to Odyssey and is a member of the Audio Drama Alliance.


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