ATC127: Review of Quicksand: Getting to the Bottom from Lamplighter Theatre

We dive deep in quicksand in this episode...or more accurately, we dive deep into a review of Quicksand: Getting to the Bottom from Lamplig...

We dive deep in quicksand in this episode...or more accurately, we dive deep into a review of Quicksand: Getting to the Bottom from Lamplighter Theatre. We also share the new trailer for Mockingbird Meadows and address feedback from E.Z., Ben, Lee, and Garrett. In addition to that, we have a packed newscast delivered by JD for once. We hope you enjoy the penultimate episode of 2019.

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Newscast Segment

Voices in the Wind Audio Theatre just released their latest audio drama, an adaptation of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz adapted by Diane Vanden Hoven.

ATC blog contributor, Robert Thacker recently released a 5-minute audio drama adapted from the Gospel of John chapters 9 & 10.

On a sad note, we say farewell to actress Florence Schmid, who passed away on November 11, 2019.

Jonathan Park creator, Pat Roy, and his team at the Firmly Planted Homeschool Resource Center in Vancouver, WA, have released their very first audio drama.

Janessa Shelton, the creative force behind the Coral Island Adventures, and her husband welcomed their first child into the world in early November 2019. Janessa says they are still in the editing stage of Series 4.

Audio Drama Tidbits Segment

Mockingbird Meadows trailer

AIO 32nd birthday

If the ATC Seneca Awards were a live event in Phoenix, AZ, what sort of sessions or workshops would you want to have to make it worthwhile for you to attend?

Roy's side project, Mission Coffee

Review Segment

Quicksand: Getting to the Bottom
Released: Summer 2019
Duration: 2:39:20

Feedback Segment

Lee emails us about our AIO reviews, thoughts on the AIO Club, Jake Muller, and questions about The Ceiling Fan and Greenhorn Tales

Ben at Odyssey & Abroad asks us about our list of Top 10 AIO episodes of the past decade

Garrett points out the FAQ page on the JP website, asks about audio fiction, and also has a question about The Ceiling Fan

EZ shares his thought on Discovery Mountain

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