Discovery Mountain, A Serial Audio Drama from The Voice of Prophecy

On April 19, 2017, the first episode of Discovery Mountain, aptly titled "Discovering Discovery Mountain", was released to the wor...

On April 19, 2017, the first episode of Discovery Mountain, aptly titled "Discovering Discovery Mountain", was released to the world. In this program aimed at young children, the listener is introduced to George Simon, the proprietor of the neighborhood store called Trekkers, voiced by George Swanson. The shop is sort of a center point for the fictitious mountain community and the grandfatherly Simon is the de facto pillar of the town.

In addition to George Simon, the series also revolves around his granddaughter, Jamey Simon (Naomi Boonstra), and the impulsive and trail-mix-loving Jake Donovan (Ruben Gomez) who works at the local school and serves as a counselor at the summer camp. There is a full cast of recurring characters and places in the small town of Discovery Mountain that lends to the charm of the place.

The show is released as a free podcast and episodes are grouped into seasons. Each season contains from 5 to 10 half-hour episodes and a few short mini-episodes. The mini-episodes are released in between the regular seasons and feature behind the scenes content such as interviews with cast and crew, teasers for the next season, and short sketches with some of the DM characters.

In the couple of years since the program began, the team has maintained a consistent weekly release schedule and has produced well over a hundred total episodes between the mini and regular ones. For listeners who still like to own physical copies of their favorite audio dramas, there is good news. The Voice of Prophecy staff has packaged the episodes into beautiful CD sets that are available in their store. You can also find workbooks, music albums, caps, hoodies, and more.

Discovery Mountain Season 1 CD Set

If you would like to hear more about the genesis and mission of the show, you can check out an interview with the creator and director of the series, Jean Boonstra, which was featured in episode 122 of our podcast.


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