ATC122: 4 Pillars of Audio Drama, Modern Distribution Methods & Interview with Discovery Mountain Creator

We break from our normal format and bring a discussion episode instead of a review in this episode. We talk about ways to build a following ...

We break from our normal format and bring a discussion episode instead of a review in this episode. We talk about ways to build a following and distribute your audio drama in this modern era and we chat about the 4 pillars of quality audio drama. Also, ATC contributor Austin Peachey conducted an interview with the creator of the Discovery Mountain audio drama, Jean Boonstra. We also have feedback from Dominic, Jaxon, Shandon, and Big Bob. Join us for this packed episode!

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Intro Segment

Pandemic Brand recently redesigned the Porchlight Family Media logo -

Newscast Segment - (02:51)

Composer Jared DePasquale released over 10 minutes of highlights from his score for The Jake Muller Adventures: Unidentified.

The 2nd Annual Seneca Awards broadcast took place on July 26, 2019. If you missed the livestream, you can still catch the broadcast at and as episode 121 of the ATC podcast.

Volume 2 of The Adventum is here.

The title and summary for Adventures in Odyssey Volume 68 has been released.

Discussion Segment

Would you be interested in hearing more about? - (04:07)

  • Psalty the Singing Songbook
  • Agapeland
  • Colby the Computer
  • The Children's Bible In Sound And Pictures
  • Other older audio productions

Audio Drama Distribution Methods in the Tech Era - (07:30)

  • Digital outlets such as iTunes, Amazon MP3, etc.
  • Do people still listen to CDs
  • Releasing as a podcast
  • Proprietary platforms
  • Producer memberships
  • Available only from the producer directly?
  • Does audio drama need to be released on the radio?

4 Pillars of Audio Drama - (47:57)
The Essential Elements of Audio Drama: Acting, Music Composition, Sound Design & Script Writing

  • Why are they important?
  • Fast, cheap, good - pick two of three
  • Lower production values audio dramas? Can you still enjoy as long as the story is good?

Interview Segment - (56:39)

Jean Boonstra

Jean Boonstra, creator, writer
Discovery Mountain from Voice of Prophecy

Interview conducted by Austin Peachey

Discovery Mountain Website
Camporee Website

Jean Boonstra and Ruben Gomez (voice of Jake Donovan)
Photo Credit: Voice of Prophecy

Feedback Segment - (01:23:42)

Big Bob asks about our single favorite OTR episode

  • JD's Picks - Dimension X "Time and Time Again" and "Star Bright"
  • Roy's Picks - Father Knows Best "Trash Can Lids", Suspense "3 Skeleton Key", and ?
  • Andrew's Pick - Superman, Abbott and Costello "Who's On First?", and The Six Shooter "Britt Ponsett's Christmas Carol"

Jaxon asks our thoughts on Penny and Wooton having a baby

Shandon shares about his audio drama app project

Dominic saw these signs while on vacation and wanted to share with us:

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Credits read by Austin Peachey in episode 122.

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