ATC116: Review of The Adventum, Vol. 1 from Wise King Media

Wise King Media, producers of Jonathan Park, released Volume 1 of  The Adventum in Fall 2018. The Adventum is a biblical epic audio dramatiz...

Wise King Media, producers of Jonathan Park, released Volume 1 of  The Adventum in Fall 2018. The Adventum is a biblical epic audio dramatization and this first volume begins with the book of Genesis. In addition to reviewing this audio drama, Roy delivers a newscast, we share some news about Audio Theatre Central Backstage, and we also respond to listener feedback from Amber, Samuel, and Micah.

Newscast Segment

Heirloom Audio has announced that their team is planning to produce four new audio dramas in 2019
Members of Heirloom Audio’s Live the Adventure Club now have access to a new series of short audio dramas called Good Days Remembered
Lamplighter Theatre has announced that their next two audio dramas will be “Quicksand: Getting to the Bottom” followed by "My Golden Ship"
Charlie Vander Meer, known to most as Uncle Charlie, died on February 22, 2019, at age 84

Review Segment

The Adventum, Vol. 1
Wise King Media

Andrew mentions Sid Meier's Civilization
Actor Rich Swingle’s Recap of The Recording Session
The Adventum Website

The Titles of the 20 Episodes:

  1. It Was Good
  2. Paradise Lost
  3. First Family
  4. Brother’s Keeper
  5. And So On
  6. A New World
  7. High Hopes
  8. Whispers in the Wind
  9. White Lies
  10. Decisions, Decisions
  11. I’ve Been Thinking
  12. What’s in a Name
  13. Three Visitors and a Bargain
  14. Fire and Brimstone
  15. Heir Apparent
  16. Sacrifice
  17. A Bride for Isaac
  18. Passages
  19. Stew Du Jour
  20. Playing Favorites

Feedback Segment

Amber shares her thoughts on the new voice of David Parker
Samuel inquires on the status of Greenhorn Tales Season 1
Micah tells how he first discovered AIO

Audio Drama Tidbits Segment

Don't forget to use the code "ATC" when you order Come And See
Listener Dominic T. has launched Saint Benedict Radio Theater
ATC Backstage is coming very soon

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