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Something new is on the horizon...and in the skies. Coming in 2019, a new audio drama series will debut called The Jake Muller Adventures...

Something new is on the horizon...and in the skies. Coming in 2019, a new audio drama series will debut called The Jake Muller Adventures. It is an action-filled series that tackles the supernatural world and how a Christian should respond to issues like aliens and zombies.

The Producers
The Jake Muller Adventures is being produced by Darby Kern of Tannhauser Gate Entertainment, in association with Micah Touchet of NewBirth Audio Productions. Neither of these gentlemen is a stranger to audio drama. Darby Kern has written scripts for Lamplighter Theatre, Left Behind: The Kids, and The Extraordinary Adventures of GA Henty. Micah Touchet has acted on Witnesses and Iliad House.

The Show
The series will be divided up into 4-episode albums, each approximately 2 hours in length. The albums will tell a single story that will be wrapped up by the end, but there will also be a larger story arc that will span from album to album. The first release of this new series called "Unidentified" is scheduled to drop in spring of 2019.

This series is aimed at an older audience: teen to adult. Think Father Gilbert-esque or something in the vein of a Frank Peretti novel.

The Main Character
The Jake Muller Adventures' central character is, of course, Jake Muller. He is a security specialist and adventurer who, over the course of the series, will cross paths with the military, politicians, theologians, Men In Black and, possibly, extra-terrestrials. And while the show will have plenty of action, the listener will also witness the development of a relationship between Jake and Ariana Rogers, which the producers describe as "humorous and poignant, but even more, it will be honorable".

Here's what you can expect from  "Unidentified":
Jake Muller has been all over the world and seen plenty of strange things, but everything he believes is challenged when he finds a girl, standing on a frozen lake in Upper Michigan, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt with no footprints leading to her- not even her own.
But getting the girl to the hospital doesn’t mean she’s out of danger. Government agencies and mysterious Men In Black are closing in, and Jake Muller is beginning to take it personally.
And he’s got a few tricks of his own…
The adventure of Indiana Jones meets the intrigue of The X-Files in this new series that takes audio drama to a new level.
The cast includes some familiar voices to audio drama fans, including:
  • Josh Bultman (The Brinkman Adventures)
  • Aimee Lilly (Kids Corner, Left Behind)
  • Dugan Sherbondy (Left Behind: The Kids)
  • Phil Lollar (Adventures in Odyssey, Iliad House)
The announcer for the show will be writer and radio show host, Chris Fabry. He's the host of Chris Fabry Live on Moody Radio and the co-writer of Left Behind: The Kids and Red Rock Mysteries.

The show is to be recorded at GAP Digital in Chicago, Illinois and engineered by Todd Busteed. The music for the show will be composed by veteran composer, Jared DePasquale. The production will be made available on digital outlets with the possibility of CDs in the future.

You can get updates of the series on the Jake Muller Adventures Facebook page and their website. We'll also keep you posted on this series as time progresses.

Austin Peachey is a die-hard reader and audio drama fan. He's run the Adventures in Odyssey Blog for over 10 years and has produced a few audio dramas of his own. He's also worked on the 2nd edition of The Official Guide to Odyssey and can be heard on Iliad House.


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