ATC103: Review of Captain Bayley’s Heir & Rob Jorgensen Interview

An interview and a review in one episode! Today we review Heirloom Audio's Captain Bayley's Heir and then we're joined by sound...

An interview and a review in one episode! Today we review Heirloom Audio's Captain Bayley's Heir and then we're joined by sound designer, Rob Jorgensen, to talk about the work he did on this audio drama. We chat about some of the musical elements Rob worked on, binaural audio, finding an item on Craigslist that was "sound effects gold", and a whole lot more. We also have some interesting audio drama tidbits, some feedback from Angela, Michael, and Amber. And Roy kicks things off with a newscast.

NOTE: While we keep our review relatively spoiler-free, during our interview with Rob we do discuss a few minor plot points so if you don't want to hear any spoilers at all, you will want to listen to the audio drama before our conversation.

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Newscast Segment

Escape From The Eagle’s Nest, from Lamplighter Theatre is now available in digital format
Radio Spirits recently announced a new album of classic Harry Nile episodes
The Audie Awards have announced the 2018 nominations for several categories

Review Segment

Captain Bayley's Heir from Heirloom Audio Productions' The Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty
This is one of our favorite Henty dramas thus far and we highly recommend it!
Purchase your copy on Amazon or from Heirloom Audio.

Interview Segment

Recording Engineer and Sound Designer, Rob Jorgensen
Rob's Website
Rob has previously appeared in episode 43 of ATC
John Rhys-Davies and the binaural mic system
Photo Credit: Rob Jorgensen
Rob Jorgensen, John Rhys-Davies, and John Fornof horsing around in the studio
Photo Credit: Rob Jorgensen

Feedback Segment

Michael C. has a FOTF Radio Theatre suggestion.
Angela T. wishes more libraries carried audio drama.
Amber W. asks our thoughts on the possibility of a relationship between Buck and Jules.

Audio Drama Tidbits Segment

Brinkman Adventures podcast
St. Bartholomew's Eve almost ready to be released to Live the Adventure Club members. Rumor about upcoming Henty: For the Temple: A Tale of the Fall of Jerusalem.
Focus on the Family new “digital audio” purchases

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