ATC90: Review of Adventures In Odyssey #61: Without A Hitch

We review Adventures in Odyssey #61: Without A Hitch in this episode. Then Jeremiah's fantastic email sends us into a lengthy discussio...

We review Adventures in Odyssey #61: Without A Hitch in this episode. Then Jeremiah's fantastic email sends us into a lengthy discussion about monetization for audio drama in this modern technological age. We also respond to an email from Rachel about the Star Wars audio dramas. Of course, our resident newsman, Roy, delivers a great newscast and we go through a few tidbits to wrap up the show; including thanking all the crowdfunding campaign backers for The Cross Maker.

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Newscast Segment

Paeter Frandsen of Spirit Blade Productions has announced that he has once again begun working on their fantasy adaptation of Pilgrim’s Progress.
Jim French Productions has announced that they are closing down their offices.
Ichthus Family Productions has announced the release of their next audio drama titled Treasure Seekers.

Review Segment

Purchase your copy of Without A Hitch from one of our partners below.

Mentioned In This Review
Unshackled! - The world's longest running audio drama
This program has been produced continuously since 1950.

Feedback Segment

Jeremiah's email starts us on a discussion about the economics of modern audio drama. It is valuable to talk about these issues so please let us know what you think of this topic too.

Rachel K. asks about the NPR Star Wars audio dramas and shares that she listened to Shadows and Daylight.

Audio Drama Tidbits Segment

We take a moment to thank The Cross Maker Crowdfund Supporters
Austin Peachey
Joshua Carlson of Three Friends One Secret
Jessica Banda of
David Banda
Gewnett Neff
Jack Williams
Teresa Sesma
Sarah Grace Grzybowski of Ichthus Family Productions
Samuel K
Lorrie Bettinger
Garret Godfrey
Steven Lee
Matthew Bell
Michael Kleczewski
Anonymous Donor

Robert Thacker’s The Hound of the Baskervilles review

Rathbone’s Ace Hardware!?!?

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