Spirit Blade Productions Releases A World of Shadows, Conclusion to the Spirit Blade Trilogy

Spirit Blade Productions (SBP) released the first installment of the Spirit Blade trilogy in 2006, followed by part two, Spirit Blade:...

Spirit Blade Productions (SBP) released the first installment of the Spirit Blade trilogy in 2006, followed by part two, Spirit Blade: Dark Ritual in 2008. Now the wait is over for the final chapter of the story. Spirit Blade: A World of Shadows releases July 18th, 2016.

The Spirit Blade trilogy is a futuristic, sci-fi epic which follows the adventures of Merikk Scythe, the leader of The Underground Liberation, a group who are rebelling against the oppressive government and their state run religion. Along with Vincent Craft and Raan Galvaanik, Merikk strives to protect the Liberation from evil forces while also leading as many Seekers as possible to The Only.

Spirit Blade: A World of Shadows will conclude the story of Merikk, Vincent and Raan. Here's the summary of the production from SBP's website:
Vincent Craft has launched a one-man war of terror and revenge against the Sheida and all who side with them. An ultimatum from the Sheida threatens all of humanity unless Seekers surrender for execution. Between these two forces and amidst attacks from both sides, Merikk Scythe attempts to lead the Liberation in peacefully representing the truth. But with the actions of Vincent and internal problems sabotaging the Liberation's efforts, time may run out before they have a chance to expose the Sheida and keep the world from falling into an age of evil and suffering.

There are two versions of each of the three audio dramas in the series, the Legacy Editions and the Special Editions. The Special Edition versions contain original songs sung by the cast and interspersed throughout the story while the Legacy Edition has only the story. Also included in each album is a bonus blooper reel.

Due to some of the themes and intense situations portrayed in the Spirit Blade trilogy we do not recommend these audio dramas for children or young teens. 

These productions are available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon and directly from the SBP store. If you purchase from the SBP store you will receive a 25% discount on A World of Shadows by using our exclusive coupon code, ATC25. This code is good through the end of August 2016. Also for a limited time, you can download the Legacy Edition of Spirit Blade for free! So act now!

Amazon and iTunes Links
Spirit Blade (Legacy Edition) - Spirit Blade on iTunes
Dark Ritual (Legacy Edition) - Spirit Blade on iTunes
Spirit Blade on Amazon
Dark Ritual on Amazon
A World of Shadows on Amazon


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