New Season of Kids Corner Kicks Off July 2016

We recently featured the audio drama series, Kids Corner , on episode 80 of the ATC podcast and if you haven't heard this program yet, ...

We recently featured the audio drama series, Kids Corner, on episode 80 of the ATC podcast and if you haven't heard this program yet, check out our interview with a few members of the KC team in that episode. The show is a fun, half-hour program aimed at the 6-12 year age demographic.

The team has announced that their new season will begin airing on July 30, 2016. Producer Ron VandenBurg has given us the privilege of sharing the lineup of new episodes with you. Below is the full list of new shows which will run through the end of the year. With the exception of a few favorites which will air near the holidays, these new shows will be released every week through December 2016.

336 We Are One
Liz and the gang’s soccer team face fierce opponents when they face the Lagarto City Junior Dragons. Gaby Tegu joins Liz’s team. Is she a new friend? Whose side is she on anyway?

337 Tent Terrors
While on a camping adventure, Liz and the gang must face their own fears of braving the wilderness. But are those things that go bump in the night a bear? an owl? or some pranking friends? Who will win the battle of bravery, and who’s a scaredy-cat?

338 Hack Attack
Who is planning the biggest prank in Reptarium Middle School History? The new kid Kenan Leon seems to have all the answers, but does he know right from wrong? How far can this prank go before someone has to draw the line?

339 Fuzzy Focus
In church, Liz discovers Kayla Leon, a fantastic new singer, and he decides to become her manager. Can Liz show her how to be a Christian performer or is Kayla now Terrene’s new diva?

340 An Exceptional Experiment
Chamy chooses to study Liz to discover how to live the Christian life. Can Liz show Chamy how to live out the Bible in all he does?

341 The Case of the Silver Coin
A famous painting has been stolen from the Terrene Museum, and the Lizarardo Detective Agency is on the case. Can you help solve this latest whodunit?

342 The New Improved Kayla
With the help of Lucille and Liz, Kayla will meet her favorite celebrity idol Rayleen. Is this the chance of a lifetime that will lead to super stardom for Kayla?

343 Buckethead
Liz, Spike and Lucille are controlled by their greatest fears. Can Granny show them God’s joy for their lives or are they doomed to wear buckets on their heads?

344 Lights Out
Terrene’s power has gone out. No television, no X-monsters gaming and no community fundraising dinner. When the kids complain that there’s nothing to do, Granny sends them on an adventure to Falcon’s Wood. What’s Scooter worried about? And Liz better watch out where he is going!

345 Pick and Roll
Michael James, basketball’s living legend, is coming to town. At a skills contest, will Liz and Spike’s friendship be destroyed when the competition gets fierce? Who’s better at shooting, at dribbling, and at setting up a Pick and Roll?

346 PAT Answers
Chamy unveils her latest invention. Introducing the Positronic Affirmation Transmitter! Will it solve Chamy’s latest problem? And how exactly does it mess up Liz’s batting practice?

347 Lights, Camera, Reaction
The greatest movie ever made! That’s Liz’s goal. Looks like it will be another disaster unless Lucille comes to the rescue. Check out this episode for the best action-adventure-romance-sci-fi-western ever made!

348 Sunday Selfie Superstar
All of Terrene is clicking away and making duck faces, looking for the best selfie! Liz is confident that he’ll win the contest, until a long-forgotten figure from his past returns! Say cheese!

349 Zap Your Life!
Liz has more than he can handle when usually level-headed Lucille starts buying up videos, books and tickets to the latest Zap McDoogle motivational speech. Is this all a scam? Can Liz save his friend by showing her God’s Word?

To find a radio station that airs Kids Corner near you, check out the station listing. You can also subscribe to the new episodes via podcast feed.


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