Top 10 Adventures in Odyssey Christmas Episodes

It's Christmastime once again and as audio drama fans we love to incorporate these amazing stories into our holiday season. There's ...

It's Christmastime once again and as audio drama fans we love to incorporate these amazing stories into our holiday season. There's something special about sitting around the fireplace with the family and listening to a Christmas audio drama. And as fans of Adventures in Odyssey we also love to relive the amazing Christmas themed episodes that have appeared in the show over the years. According to the AIOWiki, there have been 29 individual Christmas episodes in AIO history to date; with a few of those being multi-part shows. But which ones rise to the top? Lets go to our guest contributor for the Top 10 Adventures in Odyssey Christmas Episodes.

Christmas greetings to all of the readers of! This is Trenton Landmark of the AIOFansite! Recently J.D. Sutter sent out a request for some of the AIO bloggers to write some Christmas articles for Audio Theatre Central, so I responded. Here's what I've got:

10. Gifts for Madge and Guy

This one makes the top ten, being the original AIO Christmas episode.

9. The Visitors

Get up. Open presents. Find family in your backyard shed. Should you dump them off to a friend? Great moral and lesson, despite being a tad unrealistic earns it number nine.

8. BTV: Redeeming the Season

One of the last pre-Novacom episodes to feature Eugene, what’s a Christmas in Odyssey without our friend's ukulele?

7. Where’s Your Daddy?

A heart-warming episode about a child's need for a father, and how to love those who have family in prison.

6. The Living Nativity

Another Christmas must: Bart Rathbone abusing the season by using it as a way to boost business at the Electric Palace. What better way to do it than trying to shut down a living nativity in front of another electronics store?

5. A Time for Christmas

Who doesn't enjoy the bustle of Christmas? I sure do, (no school, huzzah!) but should we get so wrapped up in it that we ignore the needs of others? What better way for Whit to teach this lesson than a trip in the Imagination Station?

4. Back to Bethlehem, Parts 1-3

Connie and Eugene go, well, back to Bethlehem! The first Christmas Imagination Station adventure in the history of AIO!

3. The Star, Parts 1-2

Highlight: Eugene joins the Magi.

2. Unto Us a Child Is Born

What a title! Thumbs up AIO Team! AIO's classic family adds a member on Christmas.

1. Grandma’s Christmas Visit

We started with the first AIO Christmas Episode, and ended with the latest. My favorite ever, the "Let's make a White Elephant Deal" game show was the best part. This episode makes me miss Zach Callison (the former actor of Matthew Parker) every time I listen to it!

Thanks for reading, and Merry Christmas!

What are your favorite Christmas episodes? Let us know in the comments below!

Editor's Note: This is a guest post from Trenton Landmark. Trenton is a member of the ATC community and also maintains his own blog called the AIOFansite.


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