ATC54: An Introduction to Old Time Radio

Today we dive into the topic of Old Time Radio. We give an introduction to this forerunner of modern audio drama and share some memories of ...

Today we dive into the topic of Old Time Radio. We give an introduction to this forerunner of modern audio drama and share some memories of our first exposure to these stories. We talk about some of our favorite shows, the various Adventures in Odyssey connections, as well as where you can get these Old Time Radio shows for yourself. Thanks to Austin Peachey for suggesting this topic.

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Intro Segment:
Check out this free audio production called The Story of Jesus.

Newscast Segment:
We have learned the title of the third production in The Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty series. It will be called The Dragon and the Raven--adapted from one of the most popular Henty books.

The Lamplighter Theatre team is scheduled to record three new dramas during their next recording session which will include a story called The Giant Killer.

Discussion Segment:
Wikipedia Article on Old Time Radio
List of OTR Shows on Wikipedia

OTR Shows Mentioned in this Episode
The Jack Benny Show
The Shadow
Baby Snooks
The Life of Riley
Sherlock Holmes
Fiber McGee & Molly
Abbott and Costello
Hopalong Cassidy
The Cisco Kid
Our Miss Brooks
My Favorite Husband
Father Knows Best
The Hermit's Cave
Sam Spade
Philip Marlowe
Richard Diamond
The Stan Freberg Show
X Minus One
Dimension X
The Great Gildersleeve
I Was a Communist for the FBI
Have Gun, Will Travel
Frontier Gentleman
The Lone Ranger
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar
Inner Sanctum Mysteries
The Black Museum
The Mysterious Traveler
Sergeant Preston of the Yukon (also called Challenge of the Yukon)
The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok
The Alan Young Show
The Mel Blanc Show

Specific OTR Episodes We Mentioned
The War of the Worlds - The Mercury Theatre on the Air
Time And Time Again - Dimension X
Star Bright - X Minus One
Sorry Wrong Number - Suspense
Who's On First - Abbott and Costello
The Little Man Who Wasn't There - The Shadow
The Devil Takes A Wife - The Shadow
Costello Buys A Horse - Abbott and Costello

Orson Welles / voice of The Shadow and producer and director of The War of the Worlds
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Favorite Actors We Mentioned
Orson Welles
Mel Blanc
Jack Webb
John Dehner
Lucille Ball
Georgia Ellis
Agnes Moorehead

Other Shows Mentioned
When Radio Was - Hosted by Stan Freberg
Adventures in Odyssey episode Heatwave

Where To Get OTR Episodes
Radio Spirits - High quality, remastered OTR programs
Old Time Radio Home - Mp3 discs of select shows
OTR Streamer - iOS application
Old Time Radio Player - Android application - thousands of episodes to stream for free
Zoot Radio - another online resource
OTR Cat - another online resource

Who's On First Links
The complete script for the skit
Listen to the episode that contains this skit at

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