ATC50: Our Thoughts on the Future of AIO & A Look At the Past 49 Episodes

We break the mold for episode 50 and bring you an entirely different format for this show. At the request of you, the listener, we present a...

We break the mold for episode 50 and bring you an entirely different format for this show. At the request of you, the listener, we present a look back at some highlights from the previous 49 episodes. First we take a listen to 10 of our favorite guest moments from cast and crew members who have joined the show over the years; from Nathan Hoobler to Andre Stojka to Chuck Bolte and more.

Next we play a reel of a few funny moments from the hosts. Then we dive into a discussion about our thoughts on the future of Adventures in Odyssey. We also share an update on our audio drama project, The Cross Maker, and play a bit of the opening scene. We then cap off the episode with the biggest giveaway in ATC history, thanks to some great partners.

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We want to take this time to thank all the wonderful folks who have been a guest on Audio Theatre Central over the past 49 episodes. Your contributions have made the show much better. Also, thank you to everyone of you who have been loyal listeners of the show. Thanks for all your comments on the blog, emails and voice messages. You're feedback has made Audio Theatre Central a conversation about great audio drama, which is exactly what we hoped to accomplish. You're awesome!

Producer's Note: This episode was recorded prior to the AIO team releasing episode 1 of The Ties That Bind for free on the Official AIO podcast so some of our thoughts on Album 58 were proven to be incorrect.

Favorite ATC Moments Segment

  • 10 Favorite Guest Moments - (2:19)

    • Andre Stojka-stepping into the role of Whit - from ATC25
    • Katie Leigh-thoughts on 25 years of AIO and working with industry greats - from ATC25
    • David "Jave" Griffin-how he first heard the song Come Back Jimmy - from ATC22
    • Chuck Bolte-the various voices he did on Odyssey - from ATC35
    • Mark Hamby-the beginnings of Lamplighter Theatre and inspiration for Finnian Jones - from ATC1
    • Nathan Hoobler-the variety of jobs he does for AIO - from ATC2
    • Pat Roy-the inception of Jonathan Park - from ATC26
    • Paul McCusker-Focus’ decision to relaunch radio theatre on the radio - from ATC3
    • Phil Lollar-why he was so detailed in his development of AIO - from ATC37
    • Wayne Scott-shares about his first introduction to audio drama - from ATC11

  • Reel of Funny ATC Host Moments - (20:07)

  • Listener Christopher's Reel

    • Christopher put together two different versions of his own picks for great segments from our past episodes. Due to time constraints, we couldn't include them in the episode, but we wanted to share his work with you so here they are!
Version 1

Version 2

Discussion Segment - (26:20)

  • The Future of Odyssey
  • Highlights Since the Hiatus
  • Many Recent Changes Impact the Series
  • Speculations on Album 58

The Cross Maker Update - (1:07:48)

We share the first two minutes of our audio drama, The Cross Maker.

The Big 50th Episode Giveaway!

Thanks to the great folks at The Creation Adventure Family, The Brinkman Adventures and CreationWorks for providing these awesome gifts to celebrate with us!
From The Creation Adventure Family - Rick Wraith and The Love of Money (If you'd like to learn more about the Rick Wraith adventures, click here. Sign up for their email list to be notified of future releases.)
From The Brinkman Adventures - All 12 episodes from Season 2
From CreationWorks - The Journey to Novarupta
From JD - The official autograph poster from the AIO G.I.T.S. Finale with autographs from Andre Stojka, Katie Leigh and Zach Callison

Entries into this giveaway will be closed on July 13, 2014.

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