ATC29: Review of Adventures in Odyssey #56: The Grand Design

In today's episode of ATC, we take a look at Adventures in Odyssey's album 56 The Grand Design . We also go through some great liste...

In today's episode of ATC, we take a look at Adventures in Odyssey's album 56 The Grand Design. We also go through some great listener feedback, Roy has a packed newscast, and we share an announcement about a new project we'll be working on.

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Intro Segment Links:
Andrew Gets Married
Kid's Corner
Paws & Tales

News Segment Links:
AIO album 56 Avery Awards results

Review Segment Links:
Ben Warren's Blog - The Changing Times
Purchase AIO #56 The Grand Design - CBD | Amazon | iTunes
Download episode 720 Happy Hunting for FREE!

Feedback Segment Links:
Music for feedback segment courtesy of
Michael's email explaining how to listen to drama on the TuneIn radio app:

"Just heard your program and thought I would explain how to use to listen to radio drama.

If you have the app on a device, you search by show. For example: Paws and Tales

It will then tell you if it is playing on an internet radio station at the current time you push.
If it is, it will give you all of the internet radio stations that it is playing on at that time.  You then listen to the program as the station is playing it.  

If you want to find out when a radio drama is playing next,  you can go to website and search by program. If it is not playing right then, it will tell you when and on what radio stations it plays on.  You have to look for the ones that stream the audio.  You can then listen to it when it is on.    

For Paws and Tales you can listen to some back episodes on demand.   When you search by program it will give you the names of the episodes available to click on.  It will do this on their website or on your radio app. will not let you listen on demand for most radio drama programs.  Fortunately, Adventures in Odyssey and many other programs that it cannot play on demand can often be listened to at different times throughout the day when they are broadcasted by different internet radio stations around the world."

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