ATC25: Live from the Adventures in Odyssey 25th Birthday Party & Get In The Show Finale

In this special bonus episode of ATC, JD travels to Colorado Springs, Colorado (80995) to cover the live Adventures in Odyssey event. The e...

In this special bonus episode of ATC, JD travels to Colorado Springs, Colorado (80995) to cover the live Adventures in Odyssey event. The event was the culmination of the Get in the Show contest and featured the Top 3 finalists auditioning with a few of the Odyssey actors. There was a lot going on at this amazing event and JD tried to capture the feeling of being there as much as possible through audio and this episode is the result. We were able to get some fan reactions to the event as well as their thoughts on favorite characters, etc. JD was also able to get interviews with all three of the AIO actors who were there; Katie Leigh, Zach Callison, and Andre Stojka, the voices of Connie Kendall, Matthew Parker, and John Avery Whittaker! We're also going to get to hear from writer/director Nathan Hoobler as well as a conversation with the owner of the world's largest AIO collection from!

Due to the different nature of this episode we are placing a Table of Contents below along with approximate time stamps in the episode to help you as you listen. There is also some additional audio in a teaser blog post that is not found in this episode. You can check that post out by clicking here.
  • Fan Interviews - (4:24)
    • Caleb
    • Jeremy
    • Parker & Adeline
  • Chat with Tommy McCusker - (8:05)
  • Foley Table Visit - (9:54)
  • Interview with Odyssey Fan - (16:25)
  • More Fan Interviews - (22:07)
    • Hudson & Corey
    • Jonah
    • Bradley & Mom
  • Actor Interviews - (27:35)
    • Andre Stojka
    • Zach Callison
    • Katie Leigh
  • Nathan Hoobler Interview - (45:35)

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Special thanks to Mike Sesma for helping to make this trip possible. Also thanks to JD's brother Steve for stepping in and helping out at the event. Thanks to all the Focus on the Family staff who helped us get the interviews and for being so awesome to work with! And of course thanks to Katie, Zach, and Andre for being awesome guests!

Photos From The Event

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