ATC196: HeartMatters Audio Drama Review & Producers Interview

Ok, it's really true that we've got a packed episode this month! We've got a bunch of audio drama updates, JD shares some potent...

Ok, it's really true that we've got a packed episode this month! We've got a bunch of audio drama updates, JD shares some potentially controversial opinions about younger writers and actors in his monologue, and he also responds to feedback from Bethany, Blake, Jeremy, and Michael. In addition to all that, JD is joined in the interview segment by Kristie Jardot, Lead Program Coordinator and Austin Peachey, Audio Content Producer with Oklahoma-based nonprofit, HeartMatters, Inc. to talk about their brand new audio drama efforts. Then after the conversation, JD reviews all 6 of the new episodes that have just been released. These are some great quality programs that you and your family will be sure to enjoy.

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Intro - 00:57

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Audio Drama Updates - 3:34

Direct link to the ATC News submission page:

Pony Bob to have the grandson of Brace Beemer in the cast

Shadows & Daylight, Season 2 Episode 2 "Trojan" coming soon

Glenn Hascall’s First Acts Productions - planned summer release of Amplified Mortals and the first episode of Range Drifters

Dominion Artists New Releases
The Human Eel and Greystone, King of the Poodles
Nick Guy & the Vengeance is Mine Affair

Monologue (So Here’s What I’m Thinking) - 14:15

How big a factor is age in writing and acting?

Interview - 24:50

HeartMatters, Inc.
Kristie Jardot, Lead Program Coordinator & Austin Peachey, Audio Content Producer

Kristie Jardot

Austin Peachey

Review - 1:02:38

The Spider and the Fly
Summary: A spider named Siegfried has moved into Felicia the Fly’s neighborhood. She’s been warned not to get near the spider’s home. Is Siegfried as dangerous as her mom says or is Siegfried actually a good friend?
Duration: 14:01

David vs Joseph
Summary: Two different lives. The same opportunity. Two different outcomes. Which hero of the Old Testament will fall?
Duration: 30:58

A Pig Tale
Summary: A trio of pig siblings are looking at building their own homes. However, they’ve caught the attention of the Big Bad Wolf who finds a way to influence them into building inferior houses through his online presence.
Duration: 22:13

Snow White, Two Dwarves, and a Queen
Summary: The Annual Fairest of Them All Ball is approaching and the Queen is looking forward to being admired and crowned at it…again. But, a stranger named Snow White arrives in the kingdom and threatens the Queen’s plans.
Duration: 20:50

A Far-Off Planet
Summary: Dwade has it all: a luxury apartment on Mars, his own teleporter, and a companion robot. However, an approaching dust storm may change all of that.
Duration: 30:11

The Dundersage Delusion
Summary: Zeke’s grandpa tells him a story about Claude Dundersage, a man whose life was filled with jogging plates and cleaning chickens.
Duration: 16:33

Transition Song: “Prodigal” by Josh Bates from the 2005 album titled Perfect Day - Amazon

 Feedback - 1:26:07

Comment on Spotify from Bethany

Email from Michael about our Sonic-Con coverage and Finnian Jones 

Email from Jeremy about Jungle Jam and his most-anticipated releases for 2024

Email from Blake about a casting challenge for ATC listeners

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