ATC74: Odyssey Foley Room Tour with Nathan Hoobler & Much More

Today we feature some audio recorded during JD's recent visit to the Focus on the Family campus....

Today we feature some audio recorded during JD's recent visit to the Focus on the Family campus. During the visit, AIO writer, director and all around great guy, Nathan Hoobler, gives a tour of the Foley Room where the Odyssey team creates and records the sound effects for the show. Also in this episode we share about a few new audio dramas in the works and the recent formation of a new audio drama coalition. And we respond to feedback from Ciara and Sarah Grace and Sarah Grace's comments insight a rather lengthy tangent about Adventures in Odyssey.

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New Audio Drama Segment #1

Time Chroniclers
Co-creator of the Jonathan Park series is launching a brand new audio drama called Time Chroniclers.
Check out their website for more information including a 6+ minute trailer.

AIO Foley Room Tour Segment

JD visits the Focus on the Family campus to meet with Nathan Hoobler and gets a tour of the Foley Room.

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Bonus Audio From the Tour

New Audio Drama Segment

Coral Island Adventures is an audio drama series produced by Family Truth Ministries.
Series 1 and 2 are now available and Series 3 is scheduled to release in Spring 2016.

ADA Announcement

For more information about the Audio Drama Alliance keep an eye on the GreenStreams Studio website and the ATC blog.

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