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Download Episode 27 In today's edition of the podcast we break from normal programming and...

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In today's edition of the podcast we break from normal programming and instead of reviews and interviews we bring you a listing of our top favorite Christmas themed audio dramas. These are great productions from all the top audio drama producers. We also play some audio feedback from listener Elizabeth, after which we wish you all a very Merry Christmas! We also would like information on where we can get a copy of the fabulous Christmas audio drama called Treasures of the Snow, based on the novel by Patricia St. John. If you know where it can be found please let us know. Links for all the audio dramas we mentioned can be found below. Merry Christmas!

If you do any Christmas shopping on Amazon this year, please consider using our affiliate link which helps support ATC and doesn't cost you a dime extra! Thank you! -

UPDATE: In regards to our quest for Treasures of the Snow, we received the following email from listener Rhonda:

"Good afternoon,You mentioned looking for "Treasures of the Snow."  Anyone can listen via online anytime now through Christmas.  To get a recording someone would have to "tape" it via a radio airing (which is highly encouraged by Moody Radio).  KJOL already aired the program earlier this season.Blessings,Rhonda Repshire"

Thanks Rhonda! Go listen to this great drama everyone. We know you'll enjoy this story.

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