Update on Iliad House Series

After many weeks there has been a bit of news on the status of the launching of Iliad House , the...

After many weeks there has been a bit of news on the status of the launching of Iliad House, the new series from Phil Lollar. The team has sent out an update to the backers of their Kickstarter project. Here is an excerpt from that email:
...We are currently in the final part of the scripting phase for our six episodes. There's been a lot of effort to make sure the story is as strong as possible, and we're confident that what you hear is going to be worth the wait. Now, as you might have guessed, we're not writing one episode at a time and then producing it. Instead, we're writing, recording, and producing all six episodes simultaneously. We initially looked at a write-and-produce-one-episode-at-a-time approach, but as we considered it, we realized that it wouldn't be as responsible with the support you've given us. The costs of bringing in our cast six different times to record is significantly more than recording it all at once. In addition, we believe that producing the whole series in one recording session will help keep the performances and production feel consistent...
We are really looking forward to this series. We will be sure to share any more news as it becomes available.


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