Whit's End Tour [Photo Album]

Hi Audio Drama Fans (Adventures in Odyssey fans in particular)! Happy New Year! I hope your holi...

Hi Audio Drama Fans (Adventures in Odyssey fans in particular)!

Happy New Year! I hope your holiday season was enjoyable. My wife, Kristin, and I went to tour Whit's End on New Year's Eve. It was both of our first time to visit the Soda Shoppe and we had a great time. We visited with my family so you'll see some of them in a few of the pictures; I hope you don't mind.

I'll quickly list some of the highlights of the visit before we get to the pictures. We experienced our first ever Wodfamchocsod and were quite impressed! I really liked it and am craving one right now! I really would have liked to try out the huge slide, but alas, I am too tall. But Kristin and my brother, Stephen, were able to do that. Another thing that I really liked was the exhibit of the Underground Railroad tunnel beneath Whit's End. That was pretty cool.

I wanted to share the pictures we took for those of you who have not yet had the privilege of visiting. And for those of you who have, then perhaps this will be a fun stroll down memory lane. Some of my favorite shots are below. If you want to see all of the pictures click the Photo Album at the bottom of this post.

Enjoy and we'll see you soon in another episode of ATC!


JD & Kristin with Whit

Whit's End


The slide!

Kristin and Wooton


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