Exciting News on the Jonathan Park Series

CreationWorks has been busy since their acquisition of the Jonathan Park series. As we reported pre...

CreationWorks has been busy since their acquisition of the Jonathan Park series. As we reported previously on the ATC podcast, they have partnered with a new distributor to make the Jonathan Park episodes available via major digital online outlets. They've also redesigned the album art for every volume of the series. But that is certainly not all that has been going on.

Album 10

Volume 10 of the series, which is titled The Journey Home, is going to be a fabulous follow up to The Whispering Sphinx. We know that a few characters from past albums will be making a return, including Myles Morgan. We understand that the Riffenburghs were once again involved in the writing of this album as they were for Volume 9. We expect The Journey Home to release sometime in October 2014, but it is now available for preorder at in both MP3 and CD formats.

Jonathan Park Volume 10: The Journey Home
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Jonathan Park Shorts

The team has also started producing short episodes about the Jonathan Park characters which take place outside of a traditional album story arc. This gives them a creative outlet to explore the characters in a different type of environment from the adventure-filled episodes that Jonathan and the rest of the gang usually find themselves in. The first 6 minute episode is called Serenity at Sugarite Canyon and you can listen to it here for free.

New Website

The online home of the series,, has been updated as well. The new design is quite sleek and modern and it is also now mobile friendly. You can listen to the current week's episode, purchase the albums and study guides, see album summaries and episode lists, learn about the team members and more. 

Discount Club

A final bit of news is the launch of the JP Discount Club. For just $10 for a year's membership you'll receive a 33% discount on all products from the Jonathan Park store for the next 12 months. See all the details here.

We are excited about all the things that CreationWorks is doing with the series and we are looking forward to many more years of these great stories.

You can purchase all of the Jonathan Park albums on iTunes and Amazon.


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