ATC140: Interview with Voice of Princess Leia, Ann Sachs [#WorldAudioDramaDay Bonus Episode]

It's World Audio Drama Day so lets celebrate with a bonus episode! JD brings a solo episode with a newscast and an interview with Ann S...

ATC139: 10th Birthday Celebration & Review of AIO #68: Out of the Blue

Buckle up for a long ride! Today we're celebrating the 10th birthday of Audio Theatre Central! We also review Album 68 of Adventures in ...

Review of Base Camp Adventures: Volume 1 & 2 from Life Action Ministries

Produced by Life Action Ministries,  Base Camp Adventures is the story of the adventures experienced and lessons learned by the kids at a C...

ATC138: Review of The Legend of Quetzalcoatl & Chad Reisser Interview

We've got a packed episode today! JD and Roy go over a bunch of exciting audio drama tidbits first of all. Then they review The Legend o...

ATC137: Tidbits and Top 5 AIO Multi-Part Episodes of the Last Decade

JD is flying solo today...sort of. He shares several Audio Drama Tidbits regarding Hold Esther, Lifeline Audio Dramas, Adventures in Odyssey...

ATC136: 3rd Annual ATC Seneca Awards Broadcast [Bonus Episode]

If you missed the broadcast for the 3rd Annual ATC Seneca Awards on July 24th, we are sharing it here in the ATC feed so you can hear the gr...

Introducing Pirateers, New Audio Drama from Eternal Future Productions

At Audio Theatre Central, we are all about promoting quality family friendly audio drama so when we come across a new player in the space th...

ATC135: Review of Unsinkable from the AIO Club and Behind the Scenes of the ATC Seneca Awards

Roy returns to the show today and joins us for our first ever review of an Adventures In Odyssey Club episode. We discuss the two-part story...

Final Nominations for 3rd Annual ATC Seneca Awards Released

The complete list of final nominees in all eleven categories for the 3rd Annual  Audio Theatre Central Seneca Awards were released on Frida...

ATC134: Chris Anthony Lansdowne Interview & Top 5 Mistakes Indie Audio Drama Producers Make

This is a fun, informative, and extra-long episode. We are thrilled to be joined on the show by voice actress Chris Anthony Lansdowne. We ch...

Free Temporary Streaming Service for AIO and Radio Theatre Launches

Focus on the Family has launched a temporary streaming service with several of their audio dramas. To help families that are spending m...

ATC133: Review of Jonathan Park #14: The Greatest Power

We're talking about Series 14 of the Jonathan Park audio drama titled The Greatest Power in this episode. Austin Peachey fills in for Ro...

ATC132: Review of My Golden Ship from Lamplighter Theatre

Roy plays hooky today so Austin Peachey fills in for him as we discuss My Golden Ship from Lamplighter Theatre. There were some very differi...

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